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Relay Comp Winker (Flasher)

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Flasher is a component of motorcycle that allows side lamps to blink with a constant distance of time for the indication of the way to turn. The component developed by us is purely designed on Japanese standards for all Honda Motorcycles. It is supplied after a detailed quality inspection by Honda Atlas engineers while meeting their global quality standards.The unit consists on high quality material, circuit designing and workmanship that eliminate the chances of failure on high RPM, rainy weather and even breakage of the unit due to the sturdiness of outer body as well as the solid filling of epoxy.  Not a single unit is delivered without testing through the tester instruments after the production chain through various processes. The process includes circuit development, fitting in a PVC body, Korean connectors jointing, epoxy filling, capping and putting a hanging rubber on it. Overall, the product is weather proof in all respect with reliable performance.

Special Features:

Operating voltage range: 11v to 15v
Starting time: <1.5 sec
Specific conductivity: 35% - 60%
Voltage drop after connection: ≤ 0.4v
Flashing frequency: 85 ± 10c / min

Other Functions:
Warning when one light is off circuit (One light off circuit feature can also be disabled through customization in design if needed)
Warning when inverse connection


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