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GM7 & GM7U

Published in Glofa-GM Series

Powerful & compact block-type PLC
CPU, digital I/O and power part are embedded in block-type PLCs, which is very compact and easy to install in area you want for system configuration. Also through various built-in function, user can configure cost-effective system.


High function and high performance with dedicated MPU chip

― IEC 61131-3

GLOFA-GM Network

― Fnet, Rnet as master module
― DeviceNet, Profibus-DP as slave module

Various built-in functions

― High speed counter 1 point (1-phase 16kHz, 2-phase 8kHz)
― Pulse output 1 point (2kHz only available in Tr-output module)
― PID loop with autotuning
― Pulse catch 8 points (pulse catch: Min. 0.2ms)
― Input filter (Noise reduction)
― External interrupt point: 8 points (Task program execution by external interrupt input)
― RS-232C interface 1 channel (Built-in Cnet):dedicated, User-defined, Modbus protocol



Powerful built-in functions

High-speed counter: 32-bit signed operation
― Counter range: -2,147,483,648 ~ 2,147,483,647
― Function: ring counter, latch counter, comparison (equal /zone/task), RPM

Positioning function (DRT/DT type)

― Control axis: 2 axes (100kHz)
― Operation method: single, repeat
― Operation mode: end, keep, continuous
― Additional functions: return to origin, JOG operation, PWM output

PID operation function

― Relay/PRC auto-tuning, SV ramp, delta MV, PWM output, position/velocity algorithm, Forward/Reverse

Various expansion modules

7 Digital I/O modules: G7E-DR(08/10/20)A, G7E-TR10A, G7E-DC08A, G7E-RY(08/16)A
9 Analog I/O modules: G7F-ADHA(B/C), G7F-AD2A(B), G7F-DA2I(V), G7F-AT2A,G7F-RD2A
6 Comm. modules: G7L-CUEB(C), G7L-DBEA, G7L-PBEA, G7L-FUEA, G7L-RUEA
2 Option modules: G7E-RTCA, G7M-M256B




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