Front Stop Switches

Published in Automotive

We have successfully designed the front stop switch part for all models of Honda motorcycles. It was developed in collaboration with Honda Atlas engineers after discontinuation of the part from Japan and localizing. Having a high quality of inside mechanism based on 90% plastic parts has proven its long life operation. A “D” shape push pin does not allow internal parts to move or any damage to the switch. High quality PVC body of Japanese standard designing with body locks never permits the kit to get loose or fail. It operates with a calculated force and a particular contact distance. Even the wire holding sealing is been done so carefully so that to meet Honda global standards which strengthen our product and outstands it from the inferior quality local or Chinese manufactured switches.

Special Features:

Shock proof:
Switch can bear shake of fixed frequency and sweep frequency from X. Y. Z. direction.
Switch can bear shake of one thousand times when acceleration is 150m/s²

Fire resistance:
Switch can bear high temperature at 63®C ~ 75®C

Cold temperature:
Switch can bear low temperature at -43®C ~ -37®C

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